31October, 2015

EXPO Milano 2015 | 6 Months in the heart of the world

It has been a "six incredible months in the heart of the world", a cultures and tradictions meeting where people have been able to share an evolving world's view, between past, present and future: this was EXPO Milano 2015, a beautiful opportunity that Veneto did not want to lose.

Veneto Region dediced to give the opportunity to make people discover each Veneto Consortia land's wines in Vino a Taste of Italy, the Italian official wine pavilion, a particular panorama of a product, wine, one of the ensing the made in Italy and UVIVE was responsible for coordinating the 21 Consortia continuous presence.

These are some of the global issues of this experience:

  •  184 permanent exhibition
  •  2000 winemakers in 24 different areas as Regions, Consortia, Lands
  •  Over 3600 presented wines for a total amount of 150.000 bottles
  •  Over 1200 tasting position for quite 800.000 tastings in the different areas inside the pavilion, events, seminars, wine tastings, institutional-press-international delegations private wine tastings
  •  500 events in Convivium and Symposium halls
  •  Over 2,1 Million visitors during the 6 months exhibition, 30% of those decided to taste the wines

These are some of the Veneto issues of this experience:

  • a 136 non-stop exhibition labels
  • with 36 Red Wines
  • 56 White Wines
  • 48 Sparkling Wines
  • (and more than) 408 different labels exhibited during EXPO
  • (and more than) 19.000 bottles expressly sent from each Consortia
  • 21 Consortia's presence
  • (with) 11 tastings with themes like indigenous-rare vines, sweet wines, top-player, Veneto's sparkling wines, famous red wines, rosé wines and many others
  • (with) quite 600 visitors, 20% foreigners
  • representation activities with importers, buyers, journalists, authorities and insitutions
  • other events' coordination inside and outside EXPO

A unique and intense occasion which brought a great visibility to visitors who, once bought their "winecard", were able to discover wines coming from well-known DOC areas as well as from others until then unknown.